About Us

Twenty-six dollars, four bald tires, two fried chickens, and a baby.

Our Story

This is where our story begins. When my parents set off towards the North to eke out a better life for themselves, they must have had some idea of the seeds they were planting. My mother nurtured that yearning for adventure and tenacity in the face of the unknown with every impromptu trip and fearless act. 

I have always enjoyed the sense of limitlessness and freedom that comes with over the road travel. My adventures (and misadventures) over the years have highlights the highs and the lows travel and brought me to this point today.

Our Mission

After countless hours on the road, dozens of Facebook group conversations and much brainstorming, we came upon a resolution. Our community needed a one-stop-shop for resources and information about life on the road. Eddies on the Move serves two purposes: to provide a safe space for people who live on the road and to act as a concierge for all things over the road (and maybe a few across the pond too). We are not just trying to sell services. We are trying to create a comprehensive network of resources for van and RV travelers.

Our Community

The idea of a concierge service for over-the-road travelers hatched long before we all sat around the computer and collectively hit the “publish” button. While we provide formal resources and assistance as a concierge, we also wanted to create a close-knit community of over-the-road travelers from all walks (and other assorted modes of travel) of life. Our community is open to everyone from the experienced traveler to the people considering the alternative lifestyle.